Murach’s Python Programming

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Section 1 Essential concepts and skills

Chapter 1 An introduction to Python programming
Chapter 2 How to write your first programs
Chapter 3 How to code control statements
Chapter 4 How to define and use functions and modules
Chapter 5 How to test and debug a program
Chapter 6 How to work with lists and tuples
Chapter 7 How to work with file I/O
Chapter 8 How to handle exceptions

Section 2 Other concepts and skills

Chapter 9 How to work with numbers
Chapter 10 How to work with strings
Chapter 11 How to work with dates and times
Chapter 12 How to work with dictionaries
Chapter 13 How to work with recursion and algorithms

Section 3 Object-oriented programming

Chapter 14 How to define and use your own classes
Chapter 15 How to work with inheritance
Chapter 16 How to design an object-oriented program

Section 4 Database and GUI programming

Chapter 17 How to work with a database
Chapter 18 How to build a GUI program

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