Coding Games in Scratch: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Building Your Own Computer Games (Computer Coding for Kids)

Price: (as of – Details) “An absolutely wonderful introduction to programming games.” — Kirkus Reviews“…clear instructions and plenty of images that make coding just about foolproof.” — Booklist“A great resource that pushes Scratch to the limits of its use and entertainment.” — School Library Journal

Murach’s Python Programming

Price: (as of – Details) Section 1 Essential concepts and skills Chapter 1 An introduction to Python programmingChapter 2 How to write your first programsChapter 3 How to code control statementsChapter 4 How to define and use functions and modulesChapter 5 How to test and debug a programChapter 6 How to work with lists and tuplesChapter 7 How to work with file I/OChapter 8 How to handle exceptions Section 2 Other concepts and skills Chapter 9 How to work with numbersChapter 10 How to work with stringsChapter 11 How to work with dates and timesChapter 12 How to work with dictionariesChapter 13 How to work with recursion and algorithms Section 3 Object-oriented programming Chapter 14 How to

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Rust Programming Cookbook: Explore the latest features of Rust 2018 for building fast and secure apps

Price: (as of – Details) Claus Matzinger is a software engineer with a very diverse background. After working in a small company maintaining code for embedded devices, he joined a large corporation to work on legacy Smalltalk applications. This led to a great interest in programming languages early on, and Claus became the CTO for a health games start-up based on Scala technology. Since then, Claus’ roles have shifted toward customer-facing roles in the IoT database technology start-up, Crate IO (creators of CrateDB), and, most recently, Microsoft. There, he hosts a podcast, writes code together with customers, and blogs about

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Developing 2D Games with Unity: Independent Game Programming with C#

Price: (as of – Details) Follow a walkthrough of the Unity Engine and learn important 2D-centric lessons in scripting, working with image assets, animations, cameras, collision detection, and state management. In addition to the fundamentals, you’ll learn best practices, helpful game-architectural patterns, and how to customize Unity to suit your needs, all in the context of building a working 2D game. While many books focus on 3D game creation with Unity, the easiest market for an independent developer to thrive in is 2D games. 2D games are generally cheaper to produce, more feasible for small teams, and more likely to

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