Rust Programming Cookbook: Explore the latest features of Rust 2018 for building fast and secure apps

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Claus Matzinger is a software engineer with a very diverse background. After working in a small company maintaining code for embedded devices, he joined a large corporation to work on legacy Smalltalk applications. This led to a great interest in programming languages early on, and Claus became the CTO for a health games start-up based on Scala technology. Since then, Claus’ roles have shifted toward customer-facing roles in the IoT database technology start-up, Crate IO (creators of CrateDB), and, most recently, Microsoft. There, he hosts a podcast, writes code together with customers, and blogs about the solutions arising from these engagements. For more than 5 years, Claus has been implementing software to help customers innovate, achieve, and maintain success.

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