Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

Price: (as of – Details) From the Author: Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Beginning Programmers 1. Never try to understand a long piece of code (or a long program) in one go. Focus on a few statements at a time. If possible, try to take a smaller chunk of the code and run it yourself to see what it does. Experimenting is always good, even if it doesn’t work and you get weird error messages, you’ve learned something!

Python Parallel Programming Cookbook: Over 70 recipes to solve challenges in multithreading and distributed system with Python 3, 2nd Edition

Price: (as of – Details) Giancarlo Zaccone has over fifteen years’ experience of managing research projects in the scientific and industrial domains. He is a software and systems engineer at the European Space Agency (ESTEC), where he mainly deals with the cybersecurity of satellite navigation systems.Giancarlo holds a master’s degree in physics and an advanced master’s degree in scientific computing.Giancarlo has already authored the following titles, available from Packt: Python Parallel Programming Cookbook (First Edition), Getting Started with TensorFlow, Deep Learning with TensorFlow (First Edition), and Deep Learning with TensorFlow (Second Edition).

C++17 STL Cookbook: Discover the latest enhancements to functional programming and lambda expressions

Price: (as of – Details) Jacek Galowicz obtained his master of science in electrical engineering/computer engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. While at university, he enjoyed working as a student assistant in teaching and research, and he participated in several scientific publications. During and after his studies, he worked as a freelancer and implemented applications as well as kernel drivers in C and C++, touching various areas, including 3D graphics programming, databases, network communication, and physics simulation. In recent years, he has been programming performance- and security-sensitive microkernel operating systems for Intel x86 virtualization at Intel and FireEye in Braunschweig,

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Murach’s Python Programming

Price: (as of – Details) Section 1 Essential concepts and skills Chapter 1 An introduction to Python programmingChapter 2 How to write your first programsChapter 3 How to code control statementsChapter 4 How to define and use functions and modulesChapter 5 How to test and debug a programChapter 6 How to work with lists and tuplesChapter 7 How to work with file I/OChapter 8 How to handle exceptions Section 2 Other concepts and skills Chapter 9 How to work with numbersChapter 10 How to work with stringsChapter 11 How to work with dates and timesChapter 12 How to work with dictionariesChapter 13 How to work with recursion and algorithms Section 3 Object-oriented programming Chapter 14 How to

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